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FAA Planning on Decommisoining the Doylestown VOR Approach

The VOR-A apprach for Runway 23 is being considered for decommisioning.  The public comment period is now open.  Please see the FAA correspondence.

About the Doylestown Pilot Association

The Doylestown Pilot Association is dedicated to the needs of the Doylestown aviation community.  For more than 80 years, the Doylestown airport has been a valued resource servicing the needs of Doylestown area residents.  The DPA is a volunteer association of pilots and aircraft owners, dedicated to preserving that resource while providing community outreach, education, and service.

Over the years, many of the public have received their first airplane ride at one of our DPA events.  We're proud to have sponsored Aviation Merit Badge and Aviation Activity Badge for more than 130 Boy and Girl Scouts.

Each year, DPA members provide thousands of hours of community support in various programs offered by the DPA.  We organize a yearly airport open house, sponsor various youth programs, sponsor various aviation-themed events for local charities, and provide numerous FAA-recognized training seminars for the pilot commity.  

Pilots, please consider becoming a member of the DPA if you aren't already a member.  Signup forms are available on-line.  You can pay your $35.00 dues on-line as well.


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DPA Blog

Aug 25, 2016 |
General Interest,  |

The following PowerPoint presentation on ballistic parachute safety for first responders was presented to the Doylestown area Fire Departments on Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

BRS Safety for First Responders

Jan 7, 2016 |
General Interest,  |

A very avid pilot and and aircraft owner, Reade Genzlinger was killed an Idaho aircraft accident January 6, 2016.  Reade was originally from Montgomery County, but had adopted Alpine, Wyoming as his new home.

Mar 16, 2015 |
General Interest,  |

The ADS-B Mandate is fast approaching.  These slides outline what ADS-B is and some of the equipment that can be installed in your aircraft to meet the 12/31/2019 deadline.